Things are really moving now, and I owe y'all an update.

First, and most importantly, I know my placement! I'll be in Hitachi City, in the Ibaraki prefecture. (I'll do a post with more information about that later). It was a bit of an ordeal to get my placement, let me tell you.

Interac called me on Wednesday (1/27) with my placement. The catch? I was at work and couldn't answer my phone, so they just left a message saying they'd call back the next day. ANGUISH. The next day came, and I took my lunch at the time they said they'd call so I would be able to answer without a problem. No call. I thought maybe they'd call Friday, and I checked my phone obsessively during the call-back time. Still no luck. And as it was the weekend, I didn't expect one Friday or Saturday, and probably not Sunday either, but I had my fingers crossed.

And then, Sunday came, and so did the call. Around 8pm, and I nearly missed it because I didn't have my ringer on. (Bless you, vibrate.) So I officially got my placement offer on Sunday 1/31. I of course immediately googled it and told my parents and announced it on Facebook and all that jazz. I still need to make a few calls.

Additionally, my Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) has cleared on the Japan side, so they're sending that to me in the next couple of weeks. I then get to send that on the consulate (I'll go through Denver, I believe, since the Kansas City one no longer exists) and that'll give me my visa so I can work.

I also got my Orientation packet and some FAQs and other cultural information today in one big fat email. It's finally starting to hit that I am, in fact, moving to Japan with an actual job.

The next step is finding out my arrival date and then just getting everything ready to go! Less than two months to go!

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On February 5, 2010 at 12:18 AM , jenninjapan said...

Wow! Anguish is right! haha
I'm still waiting on that departure date too!
Let's hope it comes soon! ^^

(Such a cute layout by the way!)