Since I interviewed for this job waaay back in May of last year, you can probably imagine how unreal and intangible this feels. Especially since I was initially going to start in August and got pushed back to March. Which got pushed back again (sort of) to April.

But now, as I'm gathering all these legal documents and am starting to get emails on a weekly basis, it's finally starting to sink in. Plus, my coworkers comment on it daily. They're all really excited for me and ask how many days I have left or remind me when I have an unpleasant task that I'm only there for another month, and so on and so forth. I also get emails and facebook messages from friends and family wishing me luck and wanting to know the latest news.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it finally feels like I really am going back to Japan. To teach English. This has been one of my life goals since at least early high school. And it's just really, really exciting. :)

In other news, I've acquired my International Driver's Permit. It was so quick and easy to do, too. There was a AAA office fairly close by (about 15-20 minutes), so I drove over there on Monday. All I had to do, since I'd taken my passport pictures at Walmart after work one day, was fill out one piece of paper and pay $15, and now I'm allowed to drive not only in Japan, but hundreds of different countries, should I feel the urge. For the next year, at least. Which is pretty cool. The whole process took maybe ten minutes, and the majority of that was because I was being super careful while filling out the one, single-sided form. (And it was all just basic, name, DOB, address, etc.) The lady who issued it was super nice and said I got an A for filling it out perfectly. Heh.

And I was lazy and didn't post the inside, too, but it has my info and a picture inside. Very official.

I've also set up my TB test, which will be next Friday. They get to stick me with needles. Yay. >_> Hopefully that'll go smoothly. I'll sure I'll get an interesting story out of that.

But once that is done, that's all of my official work that needs to be done before I leave. All that's left after that is packing and work and more packing and more work.


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On February 27, 2010 at 11:44 AM , jenninjapan said...

YAY! Congrats on your IDP! I just got mine too! :D
Having it makes me want to travels so much more just so I can drive in all the countries that I'm eligible for now! XD
Oh, I just posted about my TB test. Read it, so you don't freak out like I did... haha It should be fine for you! ;)