City: Hitachi City 日立市
Prefecture: Ibaraki 茨城県
Population: 195,844 (as of 2008)

City Symbols
Tree: Japanese zelkova

Flower: Sakura

Bird: Japanese Cormarant

According to good ol' Wikipedia:

"The name Hitachi is well known throughout the world due to Hitachi company founded in the city in 1910 by Odaira Namihei. Today, Hitachi company is one of the world's largest manufacturing and consumer electronics companies.

Being a predominantly industrial city Hitachi was badly damaged in World War II and very few older buildings now remain in the downtown area. However the city is not without interesting local sites.

Like many Japanese cities, many of the public spaces are dedicated to symbolising the struggle for peace in the post-war world. It is in this spirit that one must consider Heiwa Dori (Peace Street), Hitachi's prettiest street. Every April there is a major procession down the broad tree-lined boulevard to celebrate the arrival of the cherry blossom season (Sakura Matsuri). Giant colourful floats called furyumono are carried by the local people.

Hitachi also has a small zoo on the nearby Mount Kamine."

I'll be working at both the elementary and junior high school level, but I don't know how many schools yet. At least two, and up to five. I'll also have a car. Yes, I will be driving in Japan. Also, it's only a couple hours north of Tokyo, which is also really cool.

And now, for some photos:

I'm so excited!

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On February 5, 2010 at 12:14 AM , jenninjapan said...

Oooh! It looks beautiful~~!~ You are going to have a great time there! And how lucky! You get roller coasters. ^^ Tanoshinde ne!