Oh the references. As soon as I got back from Texas, I emailed all of my references to let them know they might be contacted, and I got a response from all of them within 24 hours saying they'd be happy to reference me.

However, three days before Interac needed to send everything to Tokyo, I got a call from my recruiter telling me they can't get a hold of my references. Emails weren't getting through to addresses that worked perfectly for me. So I give them the cell phone number to one and they said they'll try another reference I listed.

Then the day before everything is due, I get another call. They still can't contact one my refs, and this is all that is holding me back. So in a desperate Hail Mary, I call my ref and thank my lucky stars that he's at his office late. Somehow, he hadn't gotten the email until the day before, so I tell him I need it as soon as possible and apologize and thank him over and over.

Then D-Day, my recruiter calls and lets me know they got everything taken care of. I finally breathe. My recruiter sounded as relieved as I did.

Then, June 19th, I got my answer:

"Your qualifications and application have impressed our recruiting and training departments, but unfortunately we do not have a placement for you at this time. You have however been shortlisted and we would like to propose a deferral until late March 2010. We do understand that you will be disappointed with this news but knowing you have been shortlisted for next year allows you the luxury or more time to prepare for your relocation to Japan."

At first, I was really disappointed, because who words an acceptance letter like that? Then I realized I was actually shortlisted and had a position.Then I realized it wouldn't start until March. After some time, I became really thankful for this, because it gave me time to save some money for start-up costs - they recommend you bring $5,000 and I am a broke college grad with car payments and student loans.

So that pretty much brings us up to speed. They'll send me an official letter of employment in December, and then I get to work on Visa stuff. Until that time, I'm looking for a job. I'm planning to substitute teach, but I need to get a Kansas license, and I just got my Utah one and get to jump through hoops to transfer it.

Meanwhile, I'm job searching and blog posting. This is the life after graduation that no one tells you about.

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On July 17, 2009 at 1:49 PM , *Brianne* said...

Sorry, I guess I shoulda warned you that life after graduation is way harder than college! ha ha ha... Welcome to the real world! But YAY, you got the job! Happy day! :)