So if you want to get into a similar line of work, this is how to start. I knew I wanted to go to Japan and teach for a long time - I'd gone on Study Abroad, I'd been a student ambassador, and still loved the country. And I was well aware of what teaching takes from a person, especially by the time I graduated (student teaching is probably the hardest thing I've done).

First, research your options. START EARLY. Originally, I wanted to get into JET, and their application process is not only insanely long, but insanely early. I was set to graduate April 2009, so I wanted a job soon after. To start Fall 2009, you need to apply a full year in advance. I believe applications were due the week before Thanksgiving or so. In January, I was notified that I qualified for an Interview, which took place in February. Then, finally, in April I got the news that I was an Alternate. And that I was an Alternate in the worst year possible, because VERY few were getting upgraded. After several nerve-wracking weeks of no news, I decided I needed to find other options. (At the same time, I was finishing my student teaching and preparing to graduate and move across the country. It was a very stressful time, to say the least.)

My next choice was Interac. I worked in the Asian Department at BYU, and this company came highly recommended to me by several professors I knew. Now I completely lucked out, because their application process was MUCH faster. I filled out their application completely online and within three days, I got a phone call. This was in the middle of May. This phone call was basically a screening process and felt like an interview.

The rep asked me things like why I wanted this, experiences I'd had, and stuff like that. I wish I could be more specific, but I honestly don't remember. I remember the rep was really nice, and he said he'd love for me to come to the seminar in Dallas on May 30. Done and done.

I also applied at Amity, which came recommended at the JET message boards I frequented. Their's was also a simple online application. I didn't get a phone screening from them, but I was invited to an information seminar at the end of July via email. I put that on my list in case Interac didn't work out.

And that is the end of part one.

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