After a very, very long day of travel, I finally made it to Japan. A quick rundown of the trip, keeping in mind that I work up around 5am CST:
-2 hour plane to Houston
-1.5 hour layover
-13 hour plane to Narita
-1.5 hours through immigration/customs
-1.5 hr at the airport, buying bus tickets, sending luggage, calling ahead, waiting
-3 hr bus to Hitachi

And then, sleep. I was completely exhausted by the end. That was a very long flight. I think I watched about 5 movies, and 10 episodes of various shows.

I'll post a little more about what I've done here later, but I need to get ready for another day of Orientation and getting set up. I know this was a sparse post, but I'm still kind of jet-lagged and I'm trying to multi-task.

Hope everyone else who's traveling is doing well and everyone at home, too!

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