I've survived my first day of school! And that is probably mostly due to the fact that I did nothing at all.

I'm only at one junior high, and it's currently under construction, though I was told it should be done in December. Classes just started this week, and English classes don't start until next week, so there wasn't anything for me to do.

I arrived right around 8:00, and found my way to the teacher's room. The Vice-principal said hello and welcomed me, and then had other stuff to do. Some other teachers came in and talked to me, too, and I was really surprised by how many could speak decent english. One of the teachers (I met so many and don't remember *any* names) gave me a quick tour, showing me the teacher's bathroom, and my locker where I could keep a coat or change of clothes. I didn't get to see any of the classrooms, though, because they were so busy.

One of the english teachers gave me the books I'd be working with and explained that we didn't have any classes, so I had the day to prepare my intro lesson and look through the books.

Well, I finished reading all three books and my lesson plan and the interac guide around 10am. So there was an awful lot of time of just trying to look busy. I spent most of it listening to other conversations and talking with some of the other teachers. The teachers with desks right next to mine are really nice and friendly, and one spoke English and the other spoke really clear Japanese and a little English, so that was good. There's another ALT at my school, and his desk is right across from mine, but he wasn't there today. I'm not sure why I needed to be there at all.

Lunch was kind of awkward, because I had no idea what to do with my tray and had to ask someone to show me. (Lunch was served and eaten in the teachers' room.) But the teacher I asked was super nice and helpful. Everyone was super nice and helpful, I just had to ask, which was sometimes difficult because my Japanese is so rusty.

After lunch, classes were cancelled so that the teachers could go visit the students' families. But first, the students clean the school, and that includes the teachers' room. So after they finished that, one brave boy came and talked to me, with some help from another teacher. It was very cute. And I think another one was talking about me, thinking that I couldn't understand him, because one of the other teachers scolded him in a hushed voice. And I wasn't really paying attentions, so I couldn't tell if he said kowai or kawaii - one means scary, the other means cute. SO yeah.

After that, I was allowed to leave, and I had several students shout "Have a good weekend!" or "Hello!" and get all excited when I replied to them. That was encouraging, at least. And they gave me the leftover bread and milk, haha. So I got three little loaves of bread and like, 8 mini-cartons of milk. Which was great, because I'm out of milk, and I needed some hot chocolate as soon as I got home because it was freezing today. I'm just glad it wasn't raining, because that would be miserable.

Next week, though, I should be actually in a classroom. I should be getting my scheduled mailed to me this weekend, though I'll most likely just be doing my intro lesson.

And that's pretty much it. It is really really cold, so I'm staying inside tonight, and possibly tomorrow, though I need to get more food. Might make a quick grocery store run in the afternoon, but that's it.

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On April 16, 2010 at 2:56 PM , Julie said...

You have your own desk? with all the teachers?? that's cool. :) Your situation is so much more professional than mine was..! Well, I wasn't in an actual school, so that's another difference. But awesome, sounds like you're going to do just fine~ :)

On April 19, 2010 at 11:45 PM , Brianne said...

The kids clean the classroom? That is so precious! I love the cherry blossom pics! So pretty!! Hope things are going well!