Sorry for the delay between posts! I'll try to be better.

I have a couple things to talk bout, the first of which is earthquakes!

There have actually been about three or four since I've moved into my apartment, but the first few felt just like a large truck had driven by. Or like when I had classes in the JKHB while it was still under construction.

But yesterday, we had one that was undeniably an earthquake. It lasted about 30 seconds, which feels quite long when you're in a shaking building. This is the one that I felt. It was a 6.1 at the epicenter, which is actually pretty big. I don't know how strong it was where I was, but nothing fell over or anything like that. I did brace myself against the wall, but that was probably more out of nerves than anything else.

The next thing to mention is packages! I've gotten two (THANK YOU), and both have had macaroni in them. ^_^ The cheese in Japan is not good cheese, and there is no prepackaged mac'n'cheese at all. Even the Doritos which say they are Nacho Cheese Flavored are a lie. They taste really, really bad. Any cheese worth getting is from the import store.

And speaking of food, corn does not belong on pizza. I don't know why, but it is impossible to get a corn-less pizza. It's the strangest thing. Broccoli is also a popular topping. Pizza in general is just not good here. I wish I could make my own, but alas I have no oven. I got an ad for a pizza place kind of near the station that I still have to investigate, and it might actually be good, but we shall see.

Also, Mexican food isn't nearly as difficult to find as I thought it would be. Lots of snack bars have some kind of taco or fajita (or not good nachos with crappy cheese).

But the pizza always kills me.

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On June 14, 2010 at 10:50 AM , Julie said...

haha, i know! what is it with japanese people and their disgusting pizza?!?! :b lol
There was this place near where I lived in Ishinomaki that actually had decent pizza that they made in a stone/fire oven thing and it was YUMMY~ and they also had cokes that came in the old fashiony bottles. it was a SMALL cute place and i miss it. :)

and i know how you feel about cheese. GAH! so frustrating!!! I always found cheddar in a "foreign" market store in the mall.